Singot IT minimises complexity by creating a single point-of-contact that not only serves to reduce your purchase, installation, and service costs, but also shortens response times and enhances regulatory compliance. Our service modules are implemented in a targeted approach that enables strategic decisions to be made with a minimum of risk.

HP9000, Blades, Integrity, Sun and IBM Servers, Spare Parts, Maintenance Kits

Why let major manufacturers chew up your IT budget when you can access certified support and hardware directly? Singot IT (SIT) offers your business computer hardware and maintenance, without the big price tag.

Singot IT is a global leader in delivering quality solutions to customers in more than 20 countries. Whether buying or selling, we are a market leader and a recognised force in the industry for our product quality and environmental responsibility. In addition to the products we sell, we can provide an entire package of services to our customers such as our onsite  maintenance plans.



Standard support for general non-urgent work tasks.


Urgent support, same day response required.


Mission critical support, immediate response required.

Our support options range from causal hourly rates through to comprehensive mission critical maintenance contracts.

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